Our Process

Thinking about an outdoor patio cover, pergola, arbor or other woodwork project for your home?  Awesome!  When you choose us for your project, we'll get to know you, your style and your goals and Devon will oversee your project from start to finish.  Please read our process and let us know if you have any questions.

Let's Get Started on Your Project


Initial Visit

Schedule your consultation today by calling or completing the contact form.  Devon will come to your home to gather information about your project. During this time, he will

  1. Take measurements 
  2. Start sketching the layout and take photos of the project area 
  3. Ask lots of questions about your expectations 
  4. Will talk to you about your budget

If we can provide the project that meets your needs and budget, then we will create an estimate for you.


In most cases, we can provide the estimate at the initial visit.  On more complex projects, it may take several days.  

If there are any changes, additions or upgrades made during the construction process, we will discuss with you as they occur.


Some communities have Homeowners Associations (HOA) and could have additional set of rules.  Some are in regards to location of the structure on your property, to color, size and materials used. Please check with your association (if applicable) to see if there are any additional requirements.  We will help you with the approval process.  


If you live in a municipality that requires a building permit, we will handle every submission, inspection and approval required.  

The Building and Permit Department in your city strive to ensure all buildings within the city are safe as possible.  Nearly all building and remodeling projects require permits.



Starting Your Project

Once you decide you want us to complete your project, call us right away to schedule a Project Start Date. Scheduling of your project will depend on  how many projects we're working on or the weather.

Materials are ordered in a timely fashion so that they will be available when we begin construction of your project. Some materials are readily available while others require a special order.   

During Your Project

Devon will be readily available to you if you have any questions or change requests.  

We will roll up and clean up everyday before we leave the project site.


Upon completion of your project, we will walk through with you to ensure you are completely satisfied. We take pride in our work and want you to be delighted about your new cedar wood structure!  We will give you a two year written warranty on craftsmanship.


We will provide a written 2 year warranty for craftsmanship.  We stand behind what we build and want you to know we will come make repairs if necessary.